Radical Evolution: 10 Glimpses into the Future

NEW INC hosted an afternoon of virtual presentations from their Creative Science track to explore the various topics the diverse cohort members research, ranging from how to empower communities with data sets to why eating invasive species is crucial. During the livestreamed zoom event Heidi Boisvert shared how the mind is imprinted by tech and society and futurePerfect lab’s unique feedback loop between creative and research supported co-creation workshops and open-source tool building. This event was moderated by astrophysicist, author, PBS presenter, and founding Director of the Science Studios at Pioneer Works, Janna Levin and Science Sandbox Program Officers John Tracey & Ivvet Modinou.

The other presenters included: Gal Nissim, Leslie Ruckman, Janet Biggs, Josie Williams, Krystal Persaud, Laura Splan, Qinqin Yang, Shihan Zhang, Remina Greenfield, Shuyi Cao, Sue Huang, Ed Cutting, and Tin Nguyen

Illustration Credit: Niv Bavarsky