Theater of the Mind

Theater of the Mind, a highly-anticipated immersive theater show, co-created by Talking Heads frontman and artist David Byrne and writer Mala Gaonkar opened at the  Denver Center for the Performing Arts on August 31st.

This immersive theater experience is inspired by historical and current neuroscience research, taking participants on a journey into how we see and create our worlds. Participants can experience this 15,000-square-foot installation in small audience groups as a Guide leads you through intriguing environments,  sensory experiences, and thought-provoking neuroscience experiments culminating in questions on “how beliefs, memories and even our identities are less fixed than we think.”

FuturePerfect Lab CEO, Boisvert, served the creative team as the production’s Technology Designer and is most excited for attendees to “experience the delight of the science”.

She worked extensively on the multi-level, technological ecosystem that drives the show. It functioned over four levels: 1) the science that uniquely shapes the experience, 2) a custom show control system that triggers sound, lights, environmental sensors, and motor controls that worked simultaneously across all the rooms, 3) a vast network architecture consisting of Raspberry Pi’s and cables over a mile long that enabled all devices to communicate and share data, and 4) an infrastructure of web panels and surveillance cameras that enabled stage managers and experience designers to seamlessly facilitate participants’ experiences.

Theater of the Mind’s last performance will take place on January 22nd. For more information on the show please visit: