Science in Theatre Festival

Transforma Theatre, a NYC based nonprofit, has partnered with The Cell to present a 3 day festival titled Science in Theatre Festival.

“Our goal is to align forms of theater with current scientific research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and epigenetics, and communicate this knowledge of technological possibilities to our audiences in a pioneering way of storytelling,” said Tjaša Ferme, the artistic director and a producer for Transforma Theatre. 

Dr. Heidi Boisvert, MIT fellow and TED-Talk speaker, collaborates with playwright Alexis Roblan to share a one-act play based on Heidi’s work in the field of neuroscience, told through a protagonist who questions whether translating experience creates understanding, if none of the details of that experience remain intact. The festival also includes data scientist Niki Athanasiadou and molecular biologist Polona Šafarič Tepeš paired with playwrights Saviana Stanescu, and Nancy Manocherian to present one-act plays that showcase forms of theater with current scientific research in artificial intelligence, and epigenetics. 

The festival is divided into day and night programs consisting of: exhibitions and presentations during the day and 3 science themed plays, 3 science research presentations, and 3 panels with the scientists and artists during the night program.

The festival will take place when theaters can open safely with both in-person and live-streamed options.