Earlier this year, Transforma Theatre presented a workshop version of their new interactive theatrical experiment, Bioadapted, at the Culture Lab LIC for its 2023 Emergence Artist Residency Program. The piece is a theatrical reenactment documentary that sees actors portraying real people and scientists to interrogate a version of the future if AI propagates in unethical ways. CEO, Heidi Boisvert, served as Technology and Innovation Director for this timely and critically reflective production. She notes that artists can play a critical role in challenging our current AI inflection point and redirecting the trajectory of our technological future.

From September 9-24, Transforma invited audiences back to the Culture Lab LIC for a full performance version of the piece. For the performance, an EGG headset was used to generate BCI (brain-computer-interface) instructions that were translated as mapped movement choreography for an actor linked to a haptic vest and LED costume. Heidi and Technology and Innovation  Assistant, Jingyao Shao, also implemented a biomedia calibration process and used biophysical sensors and survey data to bio-adapt real-time visuals. The piece also employed the use of texts directly from AI generators in the script. As part of the show’s grand finale, the audience was asked to put GPT-3 on trial in real time.

Bioadapted aimed to interrogate and educate audiences while treating them to an interactive, science-enhanced experience using technology. The Transforma Theatre team looked to spark more dialogue about AI regulations and their implementation among public forums.

Photography Credit to Dinara Khairova.