Guild of Future Architects Share Day

Over the past five months CEO Heidi Boisvert, with Sydney Skybetter and Melissa Painter, incubated and prototyped Embodied Intelligence. This intuitive framework re-engages people with their bodies through games, open-source tools, community-building, and public awareness campaigns in the age of technology and surveillance. Embodied Intelligence asks the question: what would happen if we put our bodies first.

Embodied Intelligence is a Shared Future within the inaugural incubator cohort of The Guild of Future Architects. GoFA is a values-based, collaborative approach to actualizing systemic change in society. To further this change GoFA nurtures Shared Futures, potential realities crafted from bold visions and the desire to see transformational impact to advance justice, inclusion and shared prosperity.

This fall The Guild introduced their inaugural incubator cohort of Shared Futures: Abundant Health, Institute for African Future, The Gift, and Embodied Intelligence. A Share Day was held on Dec 3rd to build momentum and resource mobilization around these initiatives.