futurePerfect lab designs playful and imaginative digital projects exclusively for nonprofits and for mass appeal.

Various scenarios that you – as a nonprofit – have found yourself in:

A. You have a brilliant idea but have no idea how to navigate the daunting world of digital to create it, or how to afford it.

B. You agree that choirs are nice (how do they sing and dance all at the same time?) but you can’t figure out how to get your message beyond the choir.

C. You’re doing good work, but you want to do great work to ensure real impact and real change.

D. You’re only one person – or you’re a small, understaffed team – and upper management wants something amazing and digital. You’d like to work on something like that, too, if you had the bandwidth that is. How on earth are you supposed to create a video game, an app, or something that’s “transmedia” – wait, you ask – what’s transmedia?

E. All of the above, or something close.

Sound familiar? Please keep reading.

We work closely with nonprofit clients to develop comprehensive integrated campaigns to design the right videogame, animation, mobile app, location-based experience interactive website, and transmedia storytelling tools. We incorporate clever social media marketing, messaging and outreach strategies to ensure mainstream traction for your issues and your brand.

More on what we do:



We’re writers not fighters. We craft the right language to most effectively communicate your campaign and reach mainstream audiences.

Branding & Marketing

We make sure you look good. We design the right look and feel to communicate your message and your brand.

Research & Development

We hang out with the popular kids. We conduct an audit of the latest digital and pop culture trends to ensure your campaign is ahead of the curve.

Innovative Project Creation

Enough said.

Public Relations & Distribution

We make sure there’s plenty of people at the party. We work with you to put your project out into the world and ensure the masses will come.

Outcome & Measurement

We add a secret ingredient. We integrate special tools into your project that track how everything’s going, and to see how much your audiences are learning and how their behaviors are changing.