Hello! We’re very glad that you were intrigued by our very unique branding to click our very traditional “About” button!

But that’s the only thing traditional about us.

futurePerfect lab is a boutique creative agency that designs playful and imaginative digital projects exclusively for nonprofits and for mass appeal.

We know how challenging it is for nonprofits – with little time, money and resources – to be seen and heard by the masses. That’s why futurePerfect lab creates bold campaigns for nonprofits to propel their issues and their brands into the mainstream.

We’re playful, participatory, evocative, bold, experimental, forward thinking, and if you haven’t noticed—we think robots are very cool.

This creative team, led by Heidi Boisvert, Founder & CEO, will work day and night – really, robots thrive without sleep, so we can too! – to elevate (enter your social justice issue here) and the (enter your nonprofit’s name here) brand. We form strong partnerships with nonprofits, develop solid media campaigns and tailor social media and marketing strategies to fit the specific and unique needs of your nonprofit.



Interactive sites
Mobile/Tablet Apps
Location-based experiences
Transmedia storytelling


Graphic design
Social media marketing


We can’t wait to work with you (no, seriously, enter the name of your nonprofit here!).

-futurePerfect lab

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